Monday, October 24, 2011

NO to Electing Judge Alisa A. Hadfield

Most people may not be aware of the election coming up for the Second Judicial District Court in New Mexico (Albuquerque), in 2012. I decided to start this blog so that people are aware of the good and bad, in our city. So, I'll start with the BAD.

I've been pretty active in working with both men and women who have been victims of domestic violence, resulting in ugly child custody cases. One would think that in Family Court, "you're presumed innocent until proven guilty"-is the case for the people appearing before the judges, but sadly it isn't. I have found that the laws that are created, are not followed in Family Court; therefore, it's pretty tough to get fair hearing in the Second Judicial District Court. One would also think that Family Court would be in the business of keeping families together and doing what's in the best interest of the child/children, but that too isn't the case-all too frequently.

Our corrupt Governor Richardson (who I am ashamed of voting for) appointed Alisa A. Hadfield to Judge for the Second Judicial District Court in New Mexico, in December 2010. Her history is interesting. She was an intelligent lawyer, who became Commissioner without the position being posted through the State Bar; which puzzled a lot of well qualified lawyers. Her rulings as a Commissioner were quit disturbing-she almost always sided with the abuser. It is known that she made some people admit to false drug or alcohol addictions, in order for the parent to receive custody or even visitations. She destroyed families.

She has been a Judge for only 10 months and is now up for election in November 2012. I have come across 15 cases where she has removed the child/children from the victim of abuse to an unsafe environment. She files continuations without resolving cases. These poor people are not aware of the fact that they can file an appeal, but just hope or pray that she makes the right decision during the next hearing. She has been known to NOT believe when a child has been abused sexually or physically, and then removes the child from the home-to then award custody to the abuser. She has been known to be extremely disrespectful to the victim of domestic violence, when they are not represented by an attorney. If they are represented by an attorney, she's known to be extremely disrespectful to the attorney. She has been known to force clients to keep their attorney, even if they can't afford legal representation any longer. Which is a hindrance financially, on the client. She has been known to remove the child/children from a home because "There's something seriously wrong with you." She is neither a medical professional, nor is she experienced in diagnosing people-just because she doesn't like the person. Unfortunately, the list goes on and the details of each case are heart breaking.

Judge Alisa A. Hadfield is an incompetent judge, and does not deserve to be elected; nor does she deserve to have the title of Domestic Relations. She is the abuser's perfect dream to have as a judge, because she will side with abuser. Not all judges are perfect, but with a track record like hers--PLEASE VOTE NO.


  1. This is nothing but unsubstantiated allegations and blathering. I was hoping to find something useful here to help me decide.

    1. I am sure from my experience this is not allegations or blathering. Judge Hadfield does side with abuser. She doesnt have common sense. There is proof she even gets paid under the table so the case will go in favor of whom has the money and most of the time its the abuser.

    2. Jay, you are saying that this posting is unsubstantiated and that is the exact point of the writer. Alisa Hadfield makes decisions with no substantiation AT ALL. She removed my child from me on mere false allegations to my ex, who has attempted murder twice, has no job, stalked me for 6 yrs and after being in jail 2 yrs got away with no conviction because the DA didn’t move and ran out time. Now again, at grand jury he got away with strangulation in front of our 7 yr. old child which is child abuse. There was 5 witnesses to this crime including our child who has told New Life (our “therapists”) who don’t report this to the courts. He also was in jail 6 mos. for choking me to passing out. To date, even with a lawyer, we have not been allowed to call witnesses or tell my side of the story. It’s disgusting what the courts are doing to our children. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!! My child has to go to bed every night (since he got evicted from his apt and now lives with approx. 12 other people consisting of 5 families, hasn’t worked in 3 yrs and lives off his child through food stamps and gov’t assistance) with this man who has attempted murder twice, been arrested 15 times and did extreme stalking for many years. My son says that he moves all the way to the other side of the bed and his dad tells him in the morning that he hugged him all night any way and my son said it creeps him out. My son lives in fear every single day. Then we wonder why we are dead last on child well being in the U.S. WAKE UP NEW MEXICO before something happens to another child like the 9 yr. old who was just killed by his mother.

  2. Well, it is not all unsubstantiated.the fact that she quietly acquired the Domestic Violence Special Commisioner is true, and the fact that Bill Rishardson appointed her to her current position is also true.

    What concernsme is that there is very little, next to nothing,about her personaly. Where did she grow up? where did she go to school? what dicipline did she recive her undergraduate degree in? how old is she? who were the shaping influences on her professionally? etc.

    On the the site dedicated to keeping her there is only superficial information about her professional life. nothing that describes her as a person or about her judicial philosophy. This is a red flag to me. Becasue it gives the appearance of trying to hide something.

    She does not have kids, and it appears that she is not married. This is also a red flag to me. A Family Court Judge, with no Family? How can she possibly relate to those whos lives are in her hands. She has no idea what it is like to tell a 3 year old, "sorry you can't stay, you have to go back with your dad/mom", ss the 3 yr. old desperately begs to stay with you longer. How can she empathize with a parent that is justiflibly angry with the system and the other parent when they know the timesharing is not good for or what the children want?

    I for one will be voting "No" to keeping Judge Hadfield.

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